Hello, my name is Andrea Matthies. I am a North County San Diego photographer who specializes in photojournalistic style portraiture. Based on years of experience, I have found that shooting a subject in natural light yields the best and most desirable result (although, from time-to-time you might see me use a reflector).

I live in Vista with my family and enjoy the serenity of our rural neighborhood. In my free time, I play drums and sing in a band with my husband (he says it’s our expensive hobby, but it’s worth it).

I also love to shoot film (yes, film) and I continually experiment with different aspects of photography. My current obsession has been with a 4x5 large format film camera as well as my medium format camera. Additionally, I love developing and printing the film as it is such a serene and peaceful process.

I grew up with a camera constantly pointed in my direction and I learned to flow with it. It was during those childhood times that my dad was able to capture the most honest and significant lifestyle portraits I have ever seen. His ability to document these precious and fleeting moments continues to be an inspiration to this day. My photographic “eye” was greatly influenced by my father and his film photography.

Every day presents a different photo opportunity and I believe that one of the reasons I was put on this earth is to capture as many of those opportunities as possible!