Debut of "Falling Rain" plus new production stills

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It happened! The people over at Clash Music debuted Karl Blau's new video for "Falling Rain",  the first released single from the upcoming album entitled "Introducing Karl Blau".

The album was produced by grammy award nominee, Tucker Martine of Flora Recording and Playback , and will be coming out in May on Raven Marching Band Records (click on previous link to pre-order vinyl version!) here in the states, and Bella Union overseas.


In case you haven't had a chance to see it, here it is:

This ten minute long epic video was produced by Dave Matthies and Royal Malloy with lighting direction and photography by Unscripted Photos  Falling Rain also guest stars Kyle Field of Little Wings.

Field guest stars as the coffee guzzling spiritual guru who helps Karl out of the fog of his depressed reality that stems from the lack of world peace by teleporting him from his teepee and into the jungle.

We wanted to share are a few more production stills that we shot while on location at basketball legend BIll Waltons' estate, in the Matthies Media studio on green screen, as well as on the streets of Old Town, San Diego.

Karl, Kyle, and Royal take to the green screen:

Dave Matthies of Cowboy Mustache on the job:

Kyle Field and his notorious coffee cup:

Bill Walton's lovely teepee that he so graciously let us use for the day:


Stay tuned for Karl's next video premier shot on the same weekend.. I am excited to share it when it happens!!






Introducing Karl Blau, the making of the videos

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My husband and I fancy ourselves as a multimedia power team. He is the moving pictures, production and graphics engine of our company, and I am on the still image side of things. I excel in portraiture, production stills, and lifestyle photography, and he in motion graphics, video production, conceptualization, and execution.  We both love what we do and feed off each others' knowledge and skills. It is so great when we get to come together to work on a project, like we did this past weekend.

Here is a little backstory on the project: My husband and business partner, Dave Matthies, the president of Matthies Media Inc., and owner of Cowboy Mustache, is a Skagit Valley, Washington native who currently resides in Vista, Ca with myself and our family.  He remains in contact with most of his Mt Vernon and Anacortes friends and family, many of them being musicians and artists with colorful lives. Dave's longtime friend, Royal Malloy, a former Anacortsian himself,  is a top producer and co-owner of American Chainsaws, a top ranked L.A. based production company.

Royal Malloy came to Dave with a proposal to shoot two music videos with a very talented close mutual friend, musician, and Anacortes Music Channel owner, Karl Blau. Malloy offered to fly Blau down from his home base of Anacortes, WA, to shoot the videos for Karl's upcoming release entitled "Introducing Karl Blau" (produced by Tucker Martine for Raven Marching Band Records in the U.S. and Bella Union Records in the U.K.) on location in one weekend.

Day one we shot the video for "That's How I got to Memphis," a ballad by Tom T. Hall in the neighborhood of our home in Vista, CA. 

Day two was a combination of pick up shots for "That's How I got to Memphis," and the video for "Falling Rain" (cover of a song by Link Wray). "Falling Rain" was shot mostly on the nearly city-block-long, sprawling estate of NBA Hall of Famer and announcer,  Bill Walton, in Old Town, San Diego, as well as back at the ol' Matthies ranch in Vista.

Of course we agreed to go forward with the project, and it was a successful couple of days, as well as a great time with very close friends. Enjoy a few highlights :)


Dave Matthies of Cowboy Mustache

Karl Blau walks through Old Town, San Diego

Kyle Field of Little Wings guest stars in both videos

filming the video for "Falling Rain"

Karl Blau, Jan 2016, San Diego

The Crew wraps shooting at Bill Walton's estate.

Left to right:  Dave Matthies, Kyle Field, Andrea Matthies, Karl Blau, Jacob Navarron, Bill Walton, Royal Malloy

Both the album and the videos will be out in 2016, we are so excited!



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