Welcome, I am Andrea Matthies

Meet the Photographer

Hello, my name is Andrea Matthies, owner and lead story creator at Unscripted Photos. I am a Valley Center Portrait Photographer who specializes in posed and photo-journalistic style image capture. At the end of the day, my goal is to create a beautiful story, whether it be of who you are through portraiture, or of your special event.
When I am not out shooting portraits for clients I am studying field botany based herbalism, shooting film, playing music, or with my family.

Extracurricular Photography

I love exploring different formats and techniques to create unique and beautiful images. My personal projects are where I truly get to express myself and push the boundaries of what's possible with film photography.

One of my favorite formats to work with is 4x5 film. There's something magical about the way this large format film captures detail and depth that just can't be replicated with digital. I love the process of setting up a shot with my 4x5 camera and taking the time to get everything just right before releasing the shutter.

Another format I enjoy using is 120 film. This medium format film has a beautiful aspect ratio that lends itself well to landscape and portrait photography. It also produces a unique and timeless look that I just can't get enough of.

I'm also a big fan of pinhole photography, which involves using a camera without a lens to create dreamy and surreal images. This is a very experimental and creative form of photography that requires a lot of patience and experimentation to get just right.

My personal projects allow me to explore my creativity and try new things with film photography. Whether it's shooting with a new format or experimenting with different techniques, I'm always looking for ways to push myself and create something beautiful.

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